Perhaps you are here because you want a massage therapist that really knows what they are doing. Or you want a yoga teacher that really respects where you are at. If you want to de-stress, and make friends with your body, you are not alone. Get in touch - I can help.

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At your retreat:
I can offer dynamic and creative yoga classes and relaxation sessions for your retreat, and also provide impressive massage that will wow your guests. I'm also STCW95 qualified with yachting experience.

Brenda Weekley

"Phoebe is a true healer.  She is  professional, caring and intuitive in her approach which creates a personalized treatment. Not to be missed! She has been treating me for years and I am lost without her!"

Dave Nolan
"In the years I've been seeing her, Phoebe has done a great job in helping me manage my cerebral palsy, which causes great tension and pain. Her treatments always leave me invigorated and ready to get back to life the next day. I don't think I've ever had better treatment from any other therapist."

 Veronica Fisher
The massage treatments I have had with Phoebe have been truly relaxing and therapeutic, Phoebe assesses your needs and tailor makes the massage perfectly, and being a massage therapist myself this is just what I need. I recommend having an hour and a half, it is amazing!' 

“Cornwall’s Phoebe Riordan has a wonderful sensitivity and instinct for healing with her hands and words. She brings a delightful energy and caring inquiry to her holistic, hands-on approach to physical & emotional pain and ill-health. 
I commend anyone wishing to enhance their deep-down well-being to seek-out Phoebe Riordan, trust in her good nature and together explore what's possible.” 
Dr Nick Baylis, PhD (Cantab) FRSA (Autumn 2010)

"I have been receiving massage from Phoebe for years now. She is a lovely gentle and caring person and even without treatment, tends to have an aura of well-being around her. I suffer with chronic M.E. and find it difficult to completely relax. Phoebe is the only person to achieve this for me through reflexology and the other therapies which she offers. I would have no hesitation in recommending her - I didn't know what I was missing". 
Dena R Iddison (September 2010)

Joe Baker
"I’m really grateful for you taking my shoulder injury seriously, and getting me back to normal. You helped me to understand and work with my posture. The treatments felt amazing, Thank you so much”  

“As a dancer and physical performer I valued Phoebe's massage work especially at a time when I needed insight into my back problem.”   Brett Jackson (September 2011)

The most amazing massage ever! The hugest Thank you - all the tension in the shoulders and lower back have melted away - heaven!!
Liz Taylor - 2012