My kind of massage

Chavutti Thirumal is, quite simply, an amazing massage. 

Take this from a self confessed massage addict. It's also known as 'the dancing massage', and designed to enhance physical endurance, and prevent and heal injuries. It's an ancient form of massage, originating from Kerala, India. 

I use coconut oil and my bare feet, to massage the whole body. 

Being massaged by the feet allows for the longest sweeping strokes of any kind of massage. The movements follow the physiological lines of fascia within the body, creating a flowing, continuous, hypnotic movement. Years of tension can melt away as you become 'ironed out' by the flow.

Feet feel better than hands!

The surface area is larger and shapes to the body with delightful precision. My feet are immaculate and soft for every session. I find there is a great deal of sensitivity through the feet - and my pressure can be easily adjusted for those preferring a gentle massage. I trained for ten days in Goa with the incredible teacher Helen Noakes.

If you prefer a deeper, stronger massage...

Chavutti can be particularly satisfying. The depth of this massage is applied with the grace of gravity, and not the force of muscle. It is gentle where it needs to be, yet intense and powerful where it feels good. 

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My other massage trainings include holistic, sports, pregnancy, and ayurvedic.

ITEC Holistic massage
Advanced hands-free massage
VTCT Level 4 Sports Massage Therapy & Injury Rehabilitation
VTCT Award in applying hot & cold techniques 
Gerards Bamboo massage
Tri-Dosha Ayurvedic Massage
Pregnancy massage

I cannot rate Phoebe enough. You will never find a more intuitive,compassionate and thorough therapist

- Emma Bolger, Massage Therapist & Childrens Yoga Teacher