My kind of yoga

It's not about making pretty shapes... It's about feeling GOOD.

Feeling horrendously stiff? Don't worry! As long as we can breathe, we can practise yoga. I offer a hatha flow, which means we will move through asanas (postures), and develop awareness of our breathing throughout.

We move to improve strength and flexibility, but never at the cost of core stability and long term health.

There is a healthy warming pace to each class, but we never strain or push. Each session begins and ends with a simple guided relaxation. If you have health issues or painful bits, speak to me first and I will tailor the session for you. I keep sessions one-to-one or small groups, so you have my attention and care throughout.

I’ve taken two 200hr teacher trainings - one in a very strong, ‘classical’ Raja Dhiraja yoga, and the second in a more playful, rehabilitative style of yoga, in the spirit of Vanda Scaravelli. The Scaravelli style is perhaps more appropriate for our overworked and achey bodies! Whatever your experience, I always offer unconditional positive regard. Yoga practise can become a real source of energy and encouragement, if you pick the right people to yoga with. In her own words:

I am not in competition with anyone else. I run my own race. I have no desire to play the game of being better than everyone else around me, in any way, shape or form. I just aim to improve, to become a better person than I was. That's me and I'm free.

- Vanda Scaravelli

ONE to ONE YOGA: If you are uncertain about jumping into a class, or if you have complex physical stuff you are working through, you may prefer a a more tailored session to start with. You can have a basic one on one session, where you get my full attention, and specific step by step guidance.

CORPORATE YOGA LONDON: An opportunity to ease stress within the workforce. 30 or 45 minute lunchtime or evening yoga classes. 

PLEASE WEAR: Loose, comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. Yoga is performed barefoot or with grippy socks.


If you have the determination to GET FIT, RELEASE EXCESS WEIGHT, and FIND INNER PEACE and HAPPINESS, the most surefire way of getting yoga to WORK FOR YOU is to make a DAILY commitment to practice. I can help you to develop a plan that you can continue at home, in between classes. We can work out a pace and plan which is tailored to your needs and revise when necessary. Spend 90 minutes with me and I will develop a plan for you on A3 which you can follow at home as your guide. 

 2 hour Yoga Workshops available:
Meditation and self care
Tree of Life
Massage skills for yourself and others 
Transition to a delicious sattvic diet
Make a Mandala
Dream Board
Posture and Alignment


"...your classes... are perfect! I love the relaxations at the beginning and end. The general pace is fab, not too easy or too difficult! The clarity of your instructions is wonderful and I feel fully supported with you as my teacher :-) Your studio room is tiny, but lovely ... and has a fantastic feel to it"

Just had such an amazing yoga sesh this morning, in fact it was my favourite class EVER! Thank you so much Phoebe for your humour and loveliness, and total willingness to go with the flow! I feel great, and I just wish Wednesdays would come round more often!  Hooray! xxx